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Finding an offshore bank to open your account, let alone opening it immediately used to be a nightmare and it took ages to actually have an operational account. That’s all in the past…British Far East Bank offers immediate offshore IBAN accounts that can usually be opened the same or next business day – no waiting, no long applications process, no endless supporting data requirements - and no compliance hassles. Our new Offshore Wizard Accounts© are available for businesses of all types and individuals of all nationalities, including Americans. The accounts are operated via our offshore FinTech Banking platform so you get all offshore benefits – tax-freedom and complete confidentiality. You can apply here online or email us at info@BritishFarEastBank.com. Online applications are usually processed and accounts opened the same day. Our Wizard Offshore Accounts offer the following features:

  • Immediately Available – No Waiting
  • TAX-FREE – OFFSHORE - No Withholdings
  • Total Confidentiality
  • No Personal Visit Required
  • No Credit Checks
  • Eliminates Over-regulation of Your Business
  • Minimum Due Diligence Requirements
  • High Risk Businesses Accepted
  • All Nationalities Accepted
  • No Minimum or Maximum Balances
  • High Transaction Amounts
  • Multi-Currency Accounts in 20+ Currencies
  • FREE Online Banking to Manage Your Account
  • Receive Payments/Deposits via SWIFT/SEPA/IBAN& Others Systems
  • Funds Securely held at Top Tier I & II European banks
  • Non-FATCA Banking
  • Debit Cards
  • Low Fees

The much freer, less restrictive tax and regulatory environment of the offshore jurisdictions Wizard operates from translates into much more freedom for you and your business.

Offshore = Tax freedom: While onshore mainland jurisdictions impose heavy 25% - 50% corporate income tax and other taxes, most offshore jurisdictions impose zero or minimal taxes (in Wizard’s case, zero taxes). With Wizard there are also no taxes on interest income from your account. Minimum due diligence and reporting requirements translate into much lower accounting and operating costs for your business as well. You can possibly reduce your corporate tax rate to zero by banking through our offshore platform. Thus, our comparatively low, one-time account opening fee of just £4,500 for business accounts (and £3,500 for personal ones) is more than offset by the huge tax savings you will receive from the minute you start banking offshore us. Additional accounts are just £2,500.It’s little wonder that people tired of knocking on mainstream bank doors and getting rejection after rejection find the opening fees well worth the time, trouble and expense they’d experience otherwise trying to open accounts with mainstream banks.

Offshore = Total Confidentiality: Offshore jurisdictions impose strict confidentiality laws not available in mainland countries. NO information exchange treaties exist between our offshore jurisdictions and any countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, or any of the EU countries. With Wizard all transactions are conducted offshore through our FinTech platform and none of our records are held in any of the high-tax onshore mainland jurisdictions. Thus, our customers enjoy full offshore status and confidentiality protection. You alone are responsible for reporting any income and transactions which you feel may be taxable.

None of our banks and financial service companies are signatories to any FATCA Agreements either. Everyone is welcome.

Free Online Banking & Free e-Wallet

The Wizard Offshore Account is managed through the Wizard e-Wallet that employs our FinTech Online Banking technology so you can be anywhere in the world and easily carry out all banking transactions electronically. The e-Wallet comes FREE with the purchase of any of our financial products.

Immediate account openings, Tax-Free Accounts and Total Confidentiality….why wait? You can be offshore at the touch of a button…just click any one below.

If you have any questions or would like to open your account by telephone please call us on: +(44) 843 289 7023
or email us at info@BritishFarEastBank.com

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