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We are on your side – that is our mantra. Opening an offshore account for you or your business can be a very difficult, time consuming process if you are not living in the same offshore haven country you set your sights on or if you are in a line of business that most banks would not accept. It can also be a problem if you have a nationality banks find too problematic or costly to deal with such as Americans. With traditional Banks it’s difficult to open corporate or private accounts without providing a large amount of often very private information, followed by lengthy personal meetings and questioning. Usually you have to personally visit the bank. If your account is approved, you will pay high fees for services such as currency conversion and international payments and you will almost surely be subjected to constant oversight and questioning in the course of your business. But that’s no longer the case.

We Are Here to Help, Not Hinder You

Very often onshore traditional banks burden your business with continuous demands for lengthy, voluminous – often pointless - due diligence. They often stop crucial transactions demanding “supporting” information; delays that hinder and negatively impact your business. Doing business at all with such banks is an annoyance and presents continuous difficult obstacles while you try to run your regular business. With such traditional banks your path continuously gets obstructed, unnecessarily, by your own bank.

British Far East is Different

If you’ve had enough of that kind of attitude, come to British Far East Bank, the offshore bank that is your friend, not your adversary – we are here to help, not hider you. We require only the information that is legally essential to open your account; the same goes for when you operate it. With British Far East Bank there is no spending hours in meetings and gathering documents to get your account opened, there is no waiting for days for international payments to be made or accepted. British Far East Bank uncomplicates matters. At British Far East, we seek to simplify your banking, instead of causing you needless delays and headaches.

British Far East Bank cuts out the red tape and helps you get rid of over-regulation and outdated banking practices that needlessly hinder and obstruct your business. Instead, we cooperate with you, our clients. For you, we created the ultimate in online FinTech banking, an easy, fast solution for people and businesses that want to open accounts in minutes, transfer money in real time and pay less fees. Our Wizard Offshore Banking Platform is the prime solution to offshore your business quickly and free of hassles –it’s the portal where money can be easily transferred with minimum requirements for a fair price. That’s British Far East Bank’s philosophy.

Come Offshore with British Far East Bank

Come offshore with us. Take advantage of our simplified, customer-oriented banking solutions. Leave the complications behind, forget having to justify and explain yourself. If you are tired of the way your bank treats you and obstructs your business, come to the bank that is on your side, the bank that’s here to help you – British Far East Bank.

Who We Are

British Far East Bank is a boutique offshore bank using state-of-the-Art FinTech technology that makes offshoring your personal and business finances quick and easy, without complicated consulting and legal fees. We offer you tailored offshore banking solutions with our primary products:

  • Business & Personal Offshore Accounts in 20+ currencies – opened immediately with minimum paperwork & due diligence
  • Business & Personal Gold VIP Bahamas Accounts (coming soon)
  • Offshore Payment App enabling your clients to pay you directly offshore via all major cards & payment platforms
  • Insured High-Yield Offshore Investment Accounts for very high yields
  • Easy-Access SWIFT services for one-off or regular transfers
  • VIP SWIFT Receiving Accounts with Pre-Clearance for traders
  • Commercial Instruments – Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit, Verification of Funds, etc.
  • Other Tailored Banking Services

British Far East Bank comprises a group of financial institutions licensed in various tax-free offshore jurisdictions, providing premier offshore banking to businesses of all types and individuals of all nationalities. We provide a unique international offshore portal through which you can transact business from wherever you are, yet still benefit from all the tax advantages and strict confidentiality that being offshore provides.

Security for Your Finances

British Far East Bank through its financial partners holds your funds securely protected in dedicated accounts in top Tier I and II world-class European banks, managed with industry-leading security tools and our global diversification concept. Our group has developed strong relationships with leading world banks to ensure your funds are always safe. Customers’ funds are never held at one bank in one country. With our diversification programme, we provide the highest level of protection for maximum safety. We are a 100% equity / transaction only banking institution. As a result your money is globally diversified and protected in multiple jurisdictions.

Our flexible and unique offshore product range and our banking expertise are available in over 180 countries and territories around the world... and with our FinTech banking technology, British Far East Bank offers the best and most comprehensive worldwide offshore solutions for you and your business.

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