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Are you searching for the right investment product that will offer high yields but at the same time will be safe, secure and with the lowest risk level possible? Then chose the proven, successful INSURED TRADER 24/7 GOLD Investment Account*. It’s created and managed by the same team that created the award-winning Secure Trade 24/7 investment platform.

With various affordable entry level options, you can sit back and relax and let their experienced team of traders put your money to work getting you the highest possible profits on your funds. And it's all insured against loss.*

BFE Bank has teamed up with our financial partner’s highly successful and popular Secure Trade 24/7 to provide you with the ultimate offshore investment vehicle for small to medium sized traders that combines proven high yields with maximum security in an insured account that lets you maximise your funds exponentially while you relax. Whether it be for retirement, to build up your nest egg – or for a special project like building your dream house, the Insured Trader 24/7 investment account can be the very best option for you.

Secure Trade 24/7 has been in operation since 2014 and has proven to be a huge success for its investors, giving them an average 42% return on investment year after year. Now their team has designed and opened up a new portfolio exclusively for British Far East Bank’s investors providing a much sought-after and unique investment opportunity. While you relax, Insured Trader 24/7's highly specialised and experienced traders will safely and securely invest your funds in top market options. You can sit back and reap the profits.

Best of all, Insured Trader 24/7 is insured against loss of your principal investment; hence it’s all profit and risk-free with a robust 42% per annum yield and a very low investment gets you in.

Insured Trader 24/7 is a custom-tailored investment product designed for our investors that specialises and makes investments primarily in Forex Binary and Crypto Binary options, putting your money to work and grow for you, giving you very high, yet safe yields. The track record is enviable: year after year they produced high yields of 42% for thousands of satisfied investors.

You can join in the Insured Trader 24/7 bandwagon of successful investments that are perfect for making that extra money you have put aside to grow and maximize while you relax instead of having to worry and take risks “playing the market”.

A minimum investment of only € 5,000 / €10,000 will open up a new, exciting and proven investment path for your future. This insured investment opportunity is open to only a limited number of investors to fill the investment block granted to Insured Trader 24/7, thus it is recommended to apply early to be able to take part.

Contact us to join our partner investment opportunity. Make your future safe, secure and well-funded with the high, yet safe returns this excellent investment vehicle can yield for you.

*Principal insured as per the terms & conditions of the Group Policy covering Insured Trader 24/7
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