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Our Bahamas Business Desk now offers Premium Bahamas Offshore Accounts to companies and individuals of all nationalities. They are the dream accounts everyone has been waiting for – with a plethora of the best, full offshore features, they are the best place to park your money in – safe, secure and managed under British Far East’s Transaction Only / 100% bank equity arrangement, they permit you to quickly open the accounts and maintain funds totally confidentially enjoying the world’s top offshore haven’s numerous features that make it one of the world’s top, most popular venues for depositing funds.

THESE BAHAMAS BUSINESS AND PERSONAL ACCOUNTS BOTH HAVE A ONE-TIME-ONLY £5,000 ACCOUNT OPENING FEE. However, this small fee allows you to save thousands or millions in years to come, depending on the amounts you deposit, in mainland onshore corporate and personal taxes. You could save up to 100% of your tax burden merely by shifting your accounts offshore to our Bahamas Accounts. Take a look at the many priceless features these accounts provide you with:

  • Immediately Available – No Waiting
  • TAX-FREE – OFFSHORE - No Withholdings
  • Total Confidentiality
  • No Personal Visit Required
  • No Credit Checks
  • Eliminates Over-regulation of Your Business
  • Minimum Due Diligence Requirements
  • High Risk Businesses Accepted
  • All Nationalities Accepted
  • No Minimum or Maximum Balances
  • High Transaction Amounts
  • Multi-Currency Accounts in 20+ Currencies
  • FREE Online Banking to Manage Your Account
  • Receive Payments/Deposits via SWIFT/SEPA/IBAN & Others Systems
  • Funds Securely held at Top Tier I & II European banks
  • Non-FATCA Banking
  • Debit Cards
  • Free Wizard e-Wallet
  • Low Fees

Take advantage now and open a Premium Bahamas Offshore account from the comfort of your own Living Room or Office. Get your FREE Wizard e-Wallet as part of the package. Account’s are Tax Free as you deposit and do all operations through our Wizard Offshore Portal. It’s all 100% tax free and Totally Confidential…with Bahamas safety and reputation as one of the world’s foremost financial offshore centres.

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