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Card Payment System for All Businesses (including High Risk)

Are you paying taxes through the nose because your merchant account is from an onshore mainland bank while your services can be deemed offshore? Would you like an offshore merchant account to process incoming card payments completely offshore and tax-free? Your solution to accept card and other payments directly, offshore is now immediately available and it’s completely hassle-free. Apply for Come to our Wizard Offshore Payment App from British Far East Bank and Frux Financial. Your business no longer needs to be located in the offshore territory where the merchant app is available. We don’t even require you to travel for a personal meeting to be accepted (as is required for the very few other merchant accounts available in offshore jurisdictions).

The new Wizard Offshore Payment App uses our unique FinTech offshore portal so that you can easily accept part or all of your incoming card payments anywhere your business is located yet receive the funds offshore. It also lets you accept payments from a variety of other payment portals such as Flexipay and others.

The Wizard Payment App comes with an easy telephone app and can be integrated into your website as well. The telephone App is especially convenient in situations where your POS card facility has to be mobile. It can act as your virtual terminal. When you charge customers' cards or take payment it’s much like you would process regular card payments with a merchant account. However, when you use our offshore portal your funds go through direct to your offshore account. It's completely tax-free from our end and only you decide what has to be reported. The Wizard Payment App’s benefits can be maximised by connecting it to your Wizard Offshore Account.

The App is seamless and your customers don't even have to know or bother making payments offshore – they just pay into the App wherever they are and it’s automatically offshored. The Wizard Payment App maximizes your offshore tax-planning possibilities for your business and lets you control where your card payments revenue goes.

At last here is a Card Payment System that doesn't tie you down to an Onshore mainland bank with all of the tax implications that entails. The App frees your business and helps you channel funds to where you need them most to help you better manage your cash flows. Acquiring the Wizard Offshore Payment App for your business is very simple. Contact us by phone or email and we can take a short, easy application. All types of businesses are welcome, including casinos and high risk businesses. The costs are quite low:

  • On the first/basic payment app listed that only provides VISA & MC, the price of that is £9,500
  • • The Gold Payment App - accepts VISA, MasterCard, and a wide variety of other credit and debit cards & other international payment systems & platforms such as Flexipay, etc. – GBP £14,950

This payment App can reduce your tax burden emanating from card receipts by as much as 100%. With corporate income tax typically running at 25% - 50% in most mainland onshore jurisdictions, if you consider the huge tax savings, along with the regulatory, compliance and accounting savings you will also have, the Wizard Payment App will prove to be the best business purchase you make you make. The relatively small account set-up fees are by far offset by the hefty taxes your business will save over the years to come.

With the Wizard Offshore Payment App, offshoring your business receipts has never been easier. To sign up for the Wizard Offshore Payment App, contact us today.

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