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Our Platinum VIP Swift Receiving Account is designed for persons and businesses requiring SWIFT services either as a one-off transaction or on a regular basis to meet their business and dealing needs. Often entrepreneurs have put together a deal which depends at some point on a transfer or verification of funds or large amounts being sent via SWIFT or on the relaying of a SWIFT message in order for the deal to come through and be completed.

Yet nowadays, SWIFT is an extremely complex and highly evolved, very regulated system,In order for it to succeed, SWIFT messaging has to be carried out by experienced, highly qualified banking technicians so that your SWIFT message actually gets through and achieves its objective. Due to a lack of such experience a good 80%+ of such SWIFT- dependent deals never come through. The tangle of due diligence and other legal as well as technical operational requirements are most often wrongly executed resulting in a failed deal.

To avoid such failed outcomes, if your deals depend SWIFT services, our Platinum VIP Swift Receiving Account with Pre-Clearance for high-volume deals is your best choice for a successful outcome. Our VIP account offers you:

  • Three Immediate IBAN accounts from over 20+ major currencies (including crypto-currencies)
  • Online Banking to manage your transactions
  • Due Diligence and KYC Pre-clearance for very high balances for you and the parties you deal with
  • Immediate Offshore Payment App enabling receipt & withdrawal of SWIFT funds via a variety of payment platforms incl, all major credit cards, ensuring that payments are not withheld or delayed due to compliance failures of international and local laws and regulations.
  • VIP Introduction for Premium Gold Visa account for cash funds management that you can manage through a designated online banking platform
  • All paperwork redacting required for your transactions and SWIFT messages, done in a SWIFT-approved manner that ensures your SWIFT messaging will come through successfully
  • The help of our experienced staff to structure and organise your deals in a realistic and do-able manner that avoids legal & compliance pitfalls that most often result in aborted SWIFT transmissions and failure of your deal.

Sending SWIFT messages is a very specialised task and errors, omissions, oversights and compliance failures result in aborted or botched deals that can costs you heavily in lost revenue and profits. If your business deal depends on successful SWIFT messaging, come to our experts who can guide you every step of the way. These accounts are designed for high-volume balances and are your safeguard to achieve a successful result. Opening your account is quick and inexpensive. Please contact us for a quote and we will be happy to set up your account and help your business deals come through easily and successfully – right from the start.

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