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The Offshore Home for Your Finances

The Wizard e-Wallet© is a dynamic new tool for offshoring your business in one easy, understandable and structured way – it lets you transfer and organise all of your business and personal finances offshore, under one roof. British Far East Bank introduces the Wizard e-Wallet© from our Hong Kong Offshore Business Desk/SmartyCash Group. It is FinTech technology at its finest. It’s the perfect offshore home for all of your finances. Going offshore no longer requires expensive consulting fees, no complicated business plan you’d need an expert to explain and implement for you. What’s more, the Wizard e-Wallet lets you go offshore immediately and reap the tax-free advantages that offshoring provides right now – for yourself and your business. You don’t have to wait. The Wizard e-Wallet is FREE with the purchase of any of our financial products. Let our Wizard e-Wallet organise all your finances and pave your yellow brick road to going offshore.

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